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    FFF Enterprises is the nation's leading supplier of critical-care biopharmaceuticals, plasma products, and vaccines. They service over 80 percent of U.S. hospitals and have over 32,000 customers helping to drive innovation, and generate over $1 billion in revenue.

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New Revenue Roadmap

Unfolding New Paths to Revenue

Pierce Washington provided FFF Enterprises with an eBusiness Roadmap to guide their web sales and support strategy, giving them a framework to increase revenue and reduce costs, while also supporting new opportunities for untapped B2C revenue.


Over the past twenty years, FFF Enterprises has grown by providing superior customer service. Their overall customer strategy includes a field sales force that manages their largest customer relationships, an inside sales team, and a team of customer service representatives to take orders, check order status, and provide other manual customer support.

As a company, they were faced with the following business challenges:

"By soliciting input from each stakeholder group, everyone bought into the process and recommendations."
— Bob Coates, VP, Technology, FFF Enterprises

Solution / Result

Pierce Washington conducted a two-week, fixed price eBusiness Roadmap. The process included:

The eBusiness Roadmap provided the following benefits for our client:

Alignment: Key business and IT stakeholders are aligned in terms of their eBusiness goals and how and where to utilize technology to enable those goals.

Objective Point of View: FFF Enterprises liked the structured process that we took them through. By soliciting input from each stakeholder group, everyone bought into the process and recommendations.

Decision Framework: There are a number of decisions coming out of this Roadmap engagement. The process provides a more objective framework to make better business decisions for the optimal path forward.

Documentation: FFF Enterprises now has a set of artifacts that can be referenced to understand their current eBusiness process, desired future state, and considerations to get there.

As a result, FFF Enterprises has a roadmap to achieve their business goals:

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