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    IDEXX Laboratories, Inc., a Fortune 1000 company with over $1.2 billion in annual revenue, is a global leader in pet healthcare innovation, serving practicing veterinarians around the world with a broad range of diagnostic and information technology-based products and services.

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An Eye Toward Mobile

Plugging the "Leaky Pipe" with BigMachines Automation

Pierce Washington implemented BigMachines across three lines of business to enable a unified quoting platform to fix the "leaky pipe" IDEXX had identified in their manual quoting process. BigMachines was designed and built for use on iPads.


Prior to implementing BigMachines, IDEXX described their outdated manual quoting process as a "leaky pipe," creating several sales-draining challenges: Product configurations were incorrect, which led to inaccurate proposals being sent to customers. Manual rework of quotes was commonplace. The overall challenge was that order cycles and quote times took too long.

IDEXX set out to implement BigMachines with three key goals:

Technical challenges included implementing for iPad use, and integrating with IDEXX's custom-built CRM solution, as well as their SAP ERP system.

"Always partner with the best, you get what you pay for!"
— Jennifer Soule, NA Customer Operations, Companion Animal Group

Solution / Result

From phase-planning to change management, Pierce Washington worked with IDEXX to successfully implement BigMachines and achieve their key goals: configuration management and guided selling, automated workflow, dynamic document generation, integration with ERP - and all paperless on a tablet.

IDEXX singled out Pierce Washington's expertise, flexibility and creativity, and our "commitment beyond a contract" as key to the project's success.

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