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    Life Technologies is a global life sciences company with over $3 billion dollars in revenue. They provide an extensive range of products and services to help researchers and commercial markets accelerate scientific exploration and innovation.

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Curing Site Stability for Healthier Sales

Pierce Washington identified and resolved multiple eCommerce site stability issues, which were impacting Life Technologies' online sales and hindering plans to aggressively expand their web eBusiness channel.


Life Technologies' customer-facing web tools generate nearly a third of their overall company revenue. They sell 50,000 products, support 75,000 customers, and do business in over 150 countries through their web channel. They continually develop new products that need to be seamlessly incorporated into their online eBusiness channel and provide:

Life Technologies was suffering from site stability issues that negatively impacted their overall customer experience. Because data needs to flow seamlessly across as many as five applications, there were multiple points where external 3rd party systems were not performing properly, and slowing or stalling the eCommerce site.

The business impact included the potential for lost sales and a risk to overall customer loyalty. If a scientist can't easily find and order products, he or she is more likely to try the competitor's site the next time they purchase.

In addition, Life Technologies was planning to significantly increase the amount of selling they do through their eCommerce channel. They couldn't embark on their expansion plans without first solving their site stability issues.

"We couldn't embark on our expansion plans without first solving our site stability issues."
— Abe Lietz, Chief Architect, Life Technologies

Solution / Result

Pierce Washington engaged with Life Technologies to address these challenges:

As a result of their newly stabilized website, Life Technologies was able to pursue their web revenue growth plans. Pierce Washington also delivered a library of "best practices" to help the development team maintain site stability moving forward, and provided thorough documentation that Life Technologies can reference in regards to their current eBusiness development process, site stability metrics, and process improvement recommendations.

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