Oracle Commerce Cloud Training Resources

We at Pierce Washington receive many inquiries regarding available training for Oracle Commerce Cloud. Pierce Washington and Oracle both offer many free training resources, which we’ve consolidated into a cohesive list for your convenience.

Pierce Washington Hands-on Training

Pierce Washington provides a complimentary two-hour hands-on lab to any current or prospective Oracle Commerce Cloud users. This course covers a new product type from the initial set up, through creating a promotional campaign and delivering a personalized experience in the storefront, making it ideal for anyone interested in gaining hands-on knowledge of the product.

For more information and to register for the next session, click here.

Oracle Training Videos

Oracle has a multitude of training videos available on the Oracle Commerce YouTube channel. These short, informative videos are a great way to get up-to-speed on smaller topics, summarized by category below:

Administration Topics








Hidden Gems

Oracle Commerce Cloud Group

Oracle hosts a community page for Oracle Commerce Cloud customers. The group is strictly available to customers with an Oracle Commerce Cloud subscription and includes numerous resources ranging from a forum to ask questions, links to videos such as Technical Deep Dives, and other helpful information.

The Oracle Commerce Cloud Group can be found here.

Group Video Resources

What’s New

Technical Deep Dives

Medium Articles

Medium has also published articles to help customers further understand search topics. Articles cover the following topics:

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