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Empowering Thermo Fisher’s Global Sales Team

Description Thermos Fisher’s CMD Business was looking to replace its excel based quoting tool with a CPQ tool that could support its complex quoting requirements. It was also important to CMD that the solution seamlessly integrate to SAP. Finally, the solution had to be implemented globally and support several different languages, currencies, and various regulatory …

Improved Corporate Governance with Oracle CPQ

Challenge CDK had issues with control over their sales process. Sales reps had too much freedom with product selection and would quote products that couldn’t be fulfilled and resulted in time consuming and expensive change orders. Further, there was a lack of controls throughout the quoting process; at times,the manual discount approval process was by-passed …

New Revenue Roadmap Unfolding New Paths To Revenue

Description Pierce Washington provided FFF Enterprises with an eBusiness Roadmap to guide their web sales and support strategy, giving them a framework to increase revenue and reduce costs, while also supporting new opportunities for untapped B2C revenue.

Curing Site Stability for Healthier Sales

Description Pierce Washington identified and resolved multiple eCommerce site stability issues, which were impacting Life Technologies’ online sales and hindering plans to aggressively expand their web eBusiness channel.