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During pre-sales, we conduct Q2C process and technical architecture discovery to understand the current state architecture and develop a high level future state architecture. Then during project delivery, we use our 17 years of integration experience to accelerate project timelines and lower implementation risk.



Here’s a sample list of integrations we’ve done across many of our projects over the last 17 years.

Integrated Quote-to-Cash

Pierce Washington’s specialty is focusing on the business process and the business problem and developing an integration architecture that is driven by business process needs.  Too many System Integrators have a myopic view of integration.  They view integration in the narrow context of the application they’re implementing and assume it’s someone else’s problem to look at the end-to–end process and integration requirements.  Pierce Washington looks beyond the boundaries of any one application to ensure the integration architecture will support the entire business process.  


per year is lost due to poor integration

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of CIO’s say this is a top priority

“We were able to generate a quote and proposal 92% faster and saw a significant speed in entering in line orders through this automation.”


Top Executive
Schneider Electric

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Intelligently combine direct, partner and self-service sales channels to remove friction across the buying process

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