It’s all about As-a-Service (XaaS)

Annual growth rates for selling hardware are about 5%. Hi-Tech organizations are moving their businesses to XaaS and subscription selling models. The goal of this transition is to improve revenue and margins by transitioning to a recurring revenue model and bundling in the cost of the hardware with an overall subscription contract.

Is your organization ready for XaaS?

Moving to an XaaS selling model provides clear benefits, but it also puts new demands on an organization. Every business function is impacted by a transition to XaaS. Have you cleaned up your product data? Have you defined your products and pricing in the XaaS world? Is your organization prepared for the increased volume of contracts? The increased volume of contract amendments? Have you thought through the billing ramifications of this transition, and the number and type of revenue recognition events that you’ll need to manage? These are all things that need to be planned for as part of making this transition.

Pierce Washington works with Fortune 1000 companies who are transforming the way they do business. How do you make the end to end transition to XaaS across your Quote-to-Cash business process?

Being ready for XaaS is only the start

Transitioning your business to support XaaS selling is not the end of the journey; it’s just the beginning. Once you’ve made the transition across your Q2C business process to support this new selling model, you need to be ready to take advantage of the opportunities to deliver beyond Quote-to-Cash. It’s something Pierce Washington calls ‘Total Commerce’. As your organization transforms how you generate revenue, there should be a comprehensive plan to enable your sales teams and channel partners to more easily sell, and for your customers to more easily learn about your products, buy your products, and have a self-service capability to interact with your organization. And be able to do all this in a time of increasing product complexity and new subscription selling models.


Let Pierce Washington show you the way

For over 15 years, Pierce Washington has been helping Fortune 1000 companies go beyond Quote-to-Cash by delivering Total Commerce solutions to our customers. We provide the Advisory Services to prepare your organization for XaaS selling across the entire Q2C business process, we implement the software and solutions that enable your organization to transform your revenue across your sales channels, and we help our customers achieve Total Commerce which puts all the pieces together so that your organization can truly deliver ‘beyond Quote-to-Cash’.


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