Why does manufacturing need a streamlined quote to cash business process?

Pierce Washington takes our clients through a structured process that streamlines the Quote-to-Cash business process and sets up manufacturing organizations for the selling motions their clients are expecting. Our value is our focus. Because if you get the Q2C business process right, in our experience, you prevent a number of downstream process and data issues. In addition, you have a template and training for how to apply the Pierce Washington methodology to other process areas inside your organization.

How’s your product data?

If you’re like most manufacturers we work with, it’s not pretty. You’ve grown through acquisition, you have multiple ERP systems and data is everywhere in every format. Step one of cleaning up Quote-to-Cash is cleaning up your product data.

  • You’ve grown through acquisition
  • You have multiple ERPs with disparate data
  • You know you need to clean up your data, but how to even get started
  • You’re trying to grow your service revenues
  • You’re trying to be an XaaS company (JetEngines aaS is a real thing)

Business Process Redesign

In order to support your move to more recurring revenue selling and higher margin selling requires an understanding of:

  • How to define and bundle your products going forward
  • How to price your products going forward
  • How to sell your products going forward
  • How to contract, fulfill, entitle, service, invoice, bill, and recognize revenue for those products going forward
  • How to define a standalone selling price (SSP) for your new products
  • How to recognize revenue in this XaaS world

Actionable Plan

The difference between Pierce Washington and the Global Systems Integrators is our focus on execution. Our work does not end after we’ve drawn up swim lane diagrams and process flows. Turning the work we’ve done into an actionable plan is where the real work begins.

Extending Your Reach

Lots of manufacturers sell through a network of dealers or other channel partners. Extending self-service capabilities to those partners is a critical step to selling more through those channels. Allowing your partners to quote, order, and providing a better self-service is a critical component to how these extended sales teams want to interact with you.

C-Level Alignment

Cleaning up your Q2C business process is going to require C-level buy in because hard decisions are going to need to be made. But nobody said this was going to be easy right?


Let Pierce Washington show you the way

For over 15 years, Pierce Washington has been helping Fortune 1000 companies go beyond Quote-to-Cash by delivering Total Commerce solutions to our customers. We provide the Advisory Services to prepare your organization for XaaS selling across the entire Q2C business process, we implement the software and solutions that enable your organization to transform your revenue across your sales channels, and we help our customers achieve Total Commerce which puts all the pieces together so that your organization can truly deliver ‘beyond Quote-to-Cash’.


reduction in labor to support quote process


reduction in operating costs

increase in quarterly net margin ($1B Company)

Schneider Electric
“We saw 92% faster initiation of new quote and generation of proposals and 84% faster to enter a 100 line order through the automation of the quote to order process.”


Schneider Electric

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