As the economy continues to face uncertainty with the Federal Reserve hiking interest rates and slowing down growth for previously thriving industries, it’s essential for businesses to focus on innovation and process improvements. Failure to adapt to changing times can be disastrous, and companies must prioritize keeping their customers happy through improved processes.

Salesforce, a leading provider of cloud-based CRM software, understands the importance of staying ahead of the game, and they’ve recently launched new updates to their Manufacturing Cloud platform. These updates are geared towards manufacturers and aim to help them improve forecasting, sales agreements, and customer service.

Manufacturing for Sales

The updates to Manufacturing for Sales include enhancements for sales agreements, which make selling easier and more accurate.

    • Revenue calculations can now be as precise as possible, with metric support for up to five decimals.
    • Metric groups for sales agreements allow users to see only the business metrics they need, minimizing clutter and maximizing productivity.
    • Tightened access capabilities on the mass update button for sales agreement terms reduce the risk of user error and data corruption.

Enterprise account forecasting is another crucial aspect of manufacturing that this update addresses. Accurate forecasting is vital for planning, and the update makes it easier to generate precise forecasts. With better control over access to mass update and import CSV functionalities within forecasting, errors and technical debt can be minimized. Forecasts can now be generated based on other fields such as region or ship-to-location, without the account field being necessary.

Manufacturing for Service

Manufacturing for Service includes a variety of enhancements for customer service agents.

Identity Verification and an Action Launcher

The new identity verification and Action Launcher allows reps to add ten frequently used actions for easy execution during a case. The Action Launcher has also been enhanced to launch flow orchestrations in addition to flow, OmniScript, or other quick actions.

Custom Service Processes for Manufacturing Cloud

Users can now create custom service processes for Manufacturing Cloud within the Service Process Studio.This is an exciting development as customer service reps will be able to launch a service process while working on a customer request and follow that process throughout the entire case lifecycle. The Service Process Studio helps users define data attributes and inputs, add business logic, and configure any needed integrations to link with outside systems.

Salesforce’s latest updates to its Manufacturing Cloud platform come at a time when innovation and process improvements are more critical than ever. These updates are designed to help manufacturers improve forecasting, sales agreements, and customer service, ensuring they can continue to thrive in a rapidly changing business landscape. If you’re interested in enhancing your Salesforce instance to drive greater operational efficiency and reach customers where they are, get in touch with our Salesforce’s team of experts today.