Since our opening in 2005, Pierce Washington has gone through a number of transitions and significant milestones. This past year in particular included an exciting new investment and goal to accelerate growth, presenting a perfect opportunity to refresh our brand and redesign our logo.  Our new look modernizes our visual identity and reflects who we are. At the same time, it honors our history and the logo that has been our signifying mark since we opened. 

What’s in a name?

Our company was founded in San Francisco, and those familiar with the city probably know that Pierce and Washington are well-known streets that intersect within San Francisco’s Alta Plaza Park.   While the name does pay homage to the city, there’s more to the story—the firm’s two founders were roommates in apartments on Pierce Street and on Washington Street when they started the company. Our name, Pierce Washington, is a nod to the birthplace of the firm and a reminder of where it all began.  

What does the leaf signify?

The leaf in our new logo takes on a more prominent role and better reflects our commitment to growth.   A leaf symbolizes growth and health, but it also represents fragility. The state of a tree’s leaves can provide insight into the overall health of the tree. A tree requires a solid foundation in order for it to grow and produce healthy leaves. The tree’s root system provides this foundation, delivering nourishment and support needed for the leaves to flourish.   The same can be said for our approach to quote to cash transformations. The foundation of every transformation project is the root system, setting the project up for long-term health and growth. Without a solid foundation, a quote to cash transformation will never achieve its intended objectives and business outcomes will fall short.   A tree’s vital root system lives underground, unseen. The foundational elements of a thriving quote to cash program are similar—the optimized master product and customer data, an optimized business process, and a robust governance model are not visible to most in an organization, but without them, the program will not receive the necessary ongoing support needed for growth.   There is an element of fragility to a leaf as well. Even healthy can wilt and die if the roots don’t receive ongoing care. Just like you can gauge the health of a tree by its leaves, you can gauge the strength of your transformation by the applications needed to support the program. Without a governance process that maintains a healthy foundation by controlling process and data changes, the Q2C transformation will eventually wither.

New Year, New Website

In addition, we’re also introducing a newly redesigned website. Our new site will provide an enhanced experience for our customers, showcase helpful content and resources, and make it simple to get in touch with us.

A Solid Foundation Starts With Pierce Washington

Pierce Washington specializes in transformation projects. With a unique process that meets a wide range of vertical needs, we can create a solution that will grow with you.

We’re excited to launch our new website, with its new look and logo, and look forward to working with enterprise organizations to deliver beyond quote to cash.