There’s no question that an effective Quote-to-Cash (QTC) process benefits both your organization and your customers. You’ll not only increase your cashflow and ROI, but also deliver a better customer experience—and that means repeat business, referrals, and greater revenue. And Q2C is just the beginning. By combining comprehensive B2C business practices with a suite of applications, a Total Commerce solution for your business allows you to offer your customers a better self-service ecommerce experience from beginning to end. The path to Total Commerce is a journey with multiple steps along the way. And just like any digital transformation, the beginning of that transformation requires that certain foundational elements are in place. So how can you tell whether your organization has the structure, people, and processes in place that are needed to implement a Total Commerce solution? It starts with Advisory Services.

The Foundation of Total Commerce

Advisory Services is a critical part to the success of any project and part of Pierce Washington’s end-to-end solution. Advisory Services is the first step in systems integration and the very foundation of your Total Commerce journey. You may know what you want your platform to do, but you’re not sure if it’s even possible, what it might take to get there, or what you need to do to prepare. Advisory Services provides expert guidance that helps you align your processes with your company’s future state, ensuring everything is in place for a successful implementation. Specifically, Advisory Services helps prepare your business for its digital transformation by providing:

      • Master Data analysis and optimization. Inconsistencies and inaccuracies in master data can impact the success of an organization’s QTC process. A master data quality analysis ensures your data is clean and ready to use, which in turn helps streamline the implementation process.
      • Q2C business process definition. A clear execution plan to get your organization to its goal is a must.
      • Technology gap analysis. Because certain applications will be required in order to support your future state business process, an analysis will help you identify any gaps in functional or application needs.
      • Q2C process and product governance. Applying an effective governance structure to your new processes and products will help ensure your project’s success.
      • Total Commerce Maturity assessment and roadmap. As we mentioned, Total Commence goes beyond Q2C, bringing functional capabilities, process improvements, and applications together to better serve your customers. An assessment will provide a clear picture of where you organization currently sits and what the path to Total Commerce looks like.

As Alexander Graham Bell once famously said, “Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.” Each of these foundational steps are necessary to begin any complex project. The improved quality and management of master data, defined business processes and an action plan for success, and a governance structure in place sets the stage for a successful process from start to finish.

Benefits of Advisory Services

As an essential component of an end-to-end solution, advisory services can help as you begin your Q2C business process by providing:

      • Expert insights and recommendations based on industry best practices
      • Neutral third-party support from a trusted advisor
      • Help identifying process changes needed to support a transition to a new sales model
      • Improved efficiency and accuracy with streamlined processes
      • Forward-thinking insights to help prevent and mitigate risks
      • Governance programs to manage ongoing data and process changes

Advisory Services with Pierce Washington

Pierce Washington has the expertise and can help you transform your enterprise. Our mission is to ensure the successful delivery of complex projects while building ongoing relationships with our clients. Our Advisory Service is based 17 years of complex implementations across the quote to cash business process, providing the experience and focused expertise needed to successfully deliver complex projects.


Pierce Washington provides:

      • Focused expertise on the Quote-to-Cash life-cycle
      • Aligned to our customers digital transformation outcomes
      • Process & platform expertise
      • Domain and vertical expertise(Not generalists)Whole team approach; consulting and technical team members
      • Because no transformation is alike, a tailor-fitted solution is necessary. Pierce Washington works to understand and align with each customer’s vision and goals to ensure a frictionless, seamless Total Commerce solution.