CDK had issues with control over their sales process. Sales reps had too much freedom with product selection and would quote products that couldn’t be fulfilled and resulted in time consuming and expensive change orders. Further, there was a lack of controls throughout the quoting process; at times,the manual discount approval process was by-passed and contract verbiage could be edited without legal approval.


CPQ replaced Microsoft Navision (Order Management system) as quoting tool. CDK ensured that only valid products or combinations of products could be quoted. They also leveraged the integrated approvals engine to ensure that required discounts or changes to contract language went through the approval process before a quote could be presented to a prospect or customer.


  • Automation of product selection and pricing process led to faster quoting
  • Proper governance structure around quoting process eliminates any errors
  • Traceable work flow ensures proper approval processes are followed
  • Unified global quoting platform ensures accuracy in branding, quoting, and contracts


“For how likely I’d be to recommend Pierce Washington on a scale of 0 to 10, that’s a 10. They’re the only company on the planet I do reference calls for.”
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