Over the past twenty years, Goodrich has grown through acquisition to become a leading supplier in the aerospace industry. Goodrich operated largely as a collection of 14 independent business units. This created a number of challenges, especially in the aftermarket:

  • Inconsistent customer interactions: Business units had varying rules and processes for working with the same customers. Customers were frustrated by this lack of consistency.
  • Inefficient internal processes: Nearly all order entry and order status inquiries were done manually. CSRs spent too much time on non-value-added tasks.
  • Information in too many places: There was no central place for customers to go for part, pricing or order status.

The overall theme was that Goodrich was “not easy to do business with.” Customers wanted a more streamlined way to work with Goodrich.

Goodrich’s technical environment spanned 14 legacy businesses. They needed to bring information together from all of these operating units and present it in a consolidated fashion to their customers. To add to the challenge, they were using technologies that were new to their organization (single sign-on, messaging integration software, portal software).


Pierce Washington worked with Goodrich to plan, develop, and deliver their ambitious Enterprise Customer Portal program:

  • Mapped out a strategic roadmap with achievable implementation release dates and helped Goodrich set internal expectations for success.
  • Leveraged our “storyboard” process to gather and synthesize requirements and to ensure buy-in from key stakeholders. The storyboard deliverables created the foundation for effective scope management.
  • Translated business requirements to manageable development tasks to ensure maximum efficiency of our development team.
  • Delivered 10 major project releases on time, without issuing a single change order to the fixed price statements of work.


  • Strategic benefits though increased customer loyalty.
  • Operational efficiency: More than 90% of their aftermarket order management moved to an ecommerce channel.
  • Cost savings: Their order volume has grown more than 50% without adding customer service headcount.

Customer response to the “One Company” vision has been overwhelmingly positive. Goodrich now provides a single face to their customers with accurate and timely data. The Enterprise Customer Portal now supports over 15,000 registered users and 100,000 self-service transactions a month — each one representing an email, fax, or manual request that would have previously been handled by a CSR. Additionally, over 5,000 web-based spares orders are automatically processed each month.


"Our order volume has grown more than 50% without adding customer service headcount.”
Amy Morgan
Sr. Director, eBusiness, Goodrich

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