McKesson’s Medical Imaging Division’s legacy Excel based quoting tool was plagued with outdated pricing and inaccurate product information. The Technical Services team relied on tribal knowledge to support complex product and service sales, but quote turnaround times were slow and proposals were error prone as a result of limitations of the excel quoting tool.

The Medical Imaging Division was made up of six highly complex product lines. Trying to accurately quote these product lines using their legacy Excel quote tool was leading to errors and lost revenue.

A typical quote included highly configured hardware, software and services. The goal of implementing CPQ was to provide a tool that would enable the Technical Services team to provide quick, accurate quotes through a simplified process. The tool enforced compatibility rules and moved tribal knowledge from the Technical Services team to the CPQ solution, while enabling the sales team to generate professional looking proposals.

In addition, fulfillment of accepted quotes was also inefficient as orders and projects had to be manually entered into SAP. One order could have components for up to 20 different locations and there was tremendous efficiencies to be gained by automating the quote to order conversion process.

  • Phase 1 CPQ implementation with Siebel integration
  • Phase 2 SAP quote to order conversion including project setup


CPQ was implemented and integrated to McKesson’s front and back office applications, including full quote-to-order conversion into SAP. Guided selling led their sales teams to appropriate product selections based on application and ensured solution hardware and software compatibility. Integration to CRM allowed for accurate pricing and improved pipeline visibility. Automated Project integration into SAP based on approved quotes dramatically improved speed and accuracy of new project setup.


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“The automation of Project integration into SAP based on approved quotes dramatically improved the speed and accuracy of new project setup. This has greatly improved our overall efficiency and customer satisfaction.”
Chief Information Officer

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