Siemens Energy Services had a vision to standardize services globally in order to better understand project profitability. In order to enable this vision, Siemens enabled global Service quoting by replacing their legacy Lotus Notes database with CPQ.

Siemens Energy Services provides planned and unplanned maintenance and repair services on gas and steam turbines. Quotes are a challenge because as many as 20 different groups across Siemens Energy have to collaborate to assemble a quote. There is a large volume of asset information that had to be looked up manually which created a quoting bottleneck.

Quote versioning was handled through email which led to errors and the disjointed manual processes occurred across regions and business systems.


CPQ was implemented globally. Pierce Washington enabled the grouping of services by geography, installation group, or service line.

  • Workflow within the application was extended to enable collaboration across multiple teams to work on one quote with each group able status their part of the quote independent of the other groups.
  • CPQ improved customer satisfaction through more timely and accurate service responses and faster turnaround on quotes.
  • Integrations enabled better tracking of true job performance and historical customer information.


  • Enabled grouping of services by geography, installation, group and service line.


“The CPQ solution enabled 20 different groups across the company to collaborate on assembling quotes and removed the manual processes around this.”

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