Wipro was seeking a solution that could help to reduce the time required to generate quotes and proposals for their clients. The current process was taking too long and not meeting the needs of the sales team.


To address this PW suggested a new system that can streamline the quote and proposal generation process. This system enabled IFOX to break down their service offerings into service components, job roles needed to handle those service components, and labor estimates for each role on a one-time and monthly recurring basis. In turn allowing the sales reps to quickly and easily create accurate quotes and proposals for clients, leading to faster quote turnaround time and improved customer satisfaction. Additionally, this enabled IFOX to provide more accurate and detailed pricing, helping them to close more deals.


  • Reduced time to generate a proposal
  • From the service, service component, and labor estimate data the system computed part, costs and prices


"The streamlined system has driven sales up and increased our profitability.”

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