Bragging Rights: CEI Certified in both the US and EMEA

Pierce Washington is the only Oracle CX partner who has earned Cloud Excellence Implementer (CEI) certification for CPQ in both the US and EMEA. According to Oracle, “Oracle Cloud Excellence Implementer firms demonstrate their ongoing expertise and successful track records in Oracle Software as a Service Cloud implementations, within specified geographies and Oracle Cloud Services Modules” – and Pierce Washington is no exception.

This honorable certification gives Pierce Washington a competitive edge: we are the only firm that has a unique ability to support Oracle pre-sales efforts and uniquely deliver global projects. As a sales representative, you can rest assured that Pierce Washington can – and will – support a global sales cycle.

One of our noteworthy customers, Eaton, required global presence, which was a considerable factor in their decision to employ Pierce Washington for their implementation.

While Eaton runs their sales out of Cleveland, Ohio and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the first order of business was to implement Oracle CPQ in Germany and Switzerland. The typical factors that could hinder an international project from moving at its full potential – time zones, geographic challenges, etc. – were no problem at all, as Pierce Washington was able to leverage our EMEA office to fill in the gaps. Once the first phase was complete, the second phase of the project was to implement CPQ in four business units split evenly across the US and EMEA. Again, despite the considerable geographic gap, Pierce Washington assembled an international team to deliver the project seamlessly. While we’re in two continents, we act as one team to deliver your projects better than anyone else. Our certification proves it.

If you’re interested in CPQ or OCC on a national or global level, reach out to Pierce Washington to see how we can help you implement and grow sooner and better than anyone else.