About Tiff4Tat by PW

Pierce Washington is excited to launch our new CPQ Podcast: Tiff4Tat by PW. Tune in monthly for the latest Tiff4Tat by PW episode hosted by Tiffany Devlin-Drye and Tat Leung. The monthly podcast will cover a variety of CPQ related topics including hosting special guests.


The Tiff4Tat Hosts

Tiffany Devlin-Drye: Principal Consultant at Pierce Washington. Salesforce Certified Application Architect. 10x Salesforce Certified. Local User Group Leader. Tiffany has a passion for all things CPQ and brings a deep understanding of Salesforce CPQ especially for High Tech and Manufacturing companies.

Tat Leung: Solution Architect at Pierce Washington. Oracle CPQ Expert. Not only has Tat been at PW for 15 years, he has been an architect in the Software industry for over 25 years and brings a wealth of knowledge on challenges Manufacturers face when working with Oracle CPQ.



OUT NOW! Episode 1: Get to know Tiffany and Tat with some of their most interesting CPQ use cases

OUT NOW! Episode 2: How CPQ has evolved and best practices for implementation

OUT NOW! Episode 3: Coolest site visits, How complex CPQ really is, and de-bunking CPQ – Causing People to Quit

OUT NOW! Episode 4: Special Guest Nicole Dawson talks advisory services, variations of pricing structures, and more


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